Opiate Drug Rehab – Grandeur Recovery at Passages Malibu

Being one of the most dangerous addictions out there, opiate addiction takes the cake for being the most cumbersome and complex addictions to handle. Be it in the form of prescription or from the black market; opiate addiction can cause catastrophic results on the health of a person. We understand that to some opiate is a painkiller, it is a part of their life so they can handle the pain from injury or chronic pain issues. Passages Malibu has carefully developed an opiate drug rehab, It specializes in dealing with associated symptoms such as headaches, anxiety, sweating, nausea, irritability, fatigue, intense cravings, and insomnia.

Our Opiate Drug Rehab program offers professional assistance and supervision to the clients under our care. Our clients will be safely given support during the holistic detox, after which personalized Opiate Drug rehab plan will be created just for them. Our counseling and relaxation sessions offer focused and supportive treatment to the client through the individualized plan, which is only one of the holistic and luxury management we offer at Passages Malibu.

Integrated and Holistic Approach

All of our recovery and treatment services are designed to use the integrated approach of treatment, which of course uses holistic methods. We do not aim to break down a client, so they can start new lives. Instead, we aim to heal the client as a whole. Each client is a unique human being, who needs a different type of care and counsel to get up on his or her feet again, which is why our approach intends to offer the best-suited care during rehab.

We use a sophisticated and unique model of treatment during all of our recovery programs such as opiate drug rehab program. Why is it so unique, you ask? Well, there is a passionate history behind the establishment of Passages Malibu. It was created to give clients an effective and supportive program that did not follow the traditional rules of recovery treatment.

Find out more about our uniquely integrated programs by calling us at 855-987-8140.  We are happy to answer any of your queries about our program.

Personalized and Luxury Rehab: Better Choice in Style

Our rehab treatments always have two things in common, one being luxury and the other is compassionate treatment. Our purpose is to provide you with the best of comforts during rehab; it significantly improves the speed of recovery under our care. Our luxury rehab treatment has also been appreciated by the Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) and holds the gold seal of approval. Not only that, but our efforts to provide a luxury environment were also commended by Forbes Magazine, who labeled our facility as the “most luxurious” rehab in town.

We aim to offer you or your loved ones the same support and care in lux environment. You can become a part of our luxury recovery treatment no matter what your condition is, as we do not discriminate against any addiction issue or the severity of

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Call us at 855-987-8140 for any information regarding your addiction issues so we can help you become sober in our care.

Co-founders Chris and Pax Prentiss – The Dawn of a New Treatment Approach

Chris and Pax Prentiss have put their heart and soul into building Passages Malibu. They have built in hopes that no one feels as if their addiction cannot be treated. The reason behind the success of Passages revolutionized and supportive approach is because we understand how difficult it can be to recover through traditional treatments.

Instead, we offer an integrated system of holistic systems, which was discovered by Chris and Pax Prentiss himself. When Pax was addicted to cocaine, heroin, prescription drugs, and many others, he slowly pushed his friends and family away. In hopes to save himself from the downward spiral of addiction, he asked for his father’s help.  Chris, Pax’s father, insisted that he should get the traditional addiction treatments, which sadly, made the situation worse than it already had been.

Both father and son, worried about the future and looked for alternative methods to deal with the addiction. In their search, they found the wonderful world of eastern herbal remedies and holistic western treatments that differentiated from the conventional treatment. With low hopes, Pax followed the holistic treatment with the support of his family; thankfully, the treatment worked on Pax splendidly.

Reassured by this new treatment approach, Pax and Chris made it their mission to help others with similar afflictions. They established Passages Malibu, which used the holistic approach to offer various recovery programs such as opiate drug rehab program. Now anyone, even you or your loved one can get our luxury treatment for addiction without falling for the conventional struggle to become sober.

Call our admissions office at 855-987-8140 to know more about our treatments and the admission procedure.